What We Do


Preserve, Restore, Reuse, Re-purpose


Solve  Problems

Attend to Detail

Our Experience


Celebrating over 40 years of architecture4everyone, I have provided professional services to over 600 clients in New York, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.  These clients include individuals, churches, businesses, non-profits, and a state park.  Their projects have ranged from the smallest porch addition to new homes, church renovations, additions, and restorations, new and re-purposed commercial buildings, and historic preservation.

Why Me?


 My philosophy is 'architecture for everyone'.  I believe that every individual or group with a desire to build, expand, or improve their environment should have access to the knowledge and skills that an architect can provide. 

What's Your Project?


Look at 'Challenges'  below for some of the projects we've faced.  Your project can't be any more difficult!